Thursday, 22 January 2015

Favourite Beauty, Fashion, Food & Lifestyle Blogs!

1.The Sunday Girl - It is safe to say that this blog is a staple for anybody obsessed with fashion and beauty. Not only can you count on an upload everyday (not just Sunday!), but the reviews are honest and have introduced me to so many products I now love! I have my Flamingo candle obsession to thank The Sunday Girl for.

2.Olsens Anonymous - I adore Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I think their style is something I strive for constantly and they both just radiate Parisienne chic. This blog looks at MK & A's outfits and styles both retrospectively and in the present. If you're a lover of the Olsen's style, this blog is for you.

3.Sally's Baking Addiction - This blog gives me serious tummy rumbles. Everything looks so amazing to eat and so simple to make! At the moment I'm trying to branch out and cook different things (easier said than done on a student budget) and I get so inspired whenever I take a glance at this blog!

4.Essiebutton - I honestly feel like Essiebutton is my long lost sister. We both have a shared love of Tim Hortons and tea - that is enough to bond ladies for life! Her beauty reviews are also on point and she has some great advice for people who struggle with oily/dry/combination/all over the place skin.

5.Ghostparties is a great all-rounder blog for beauty and lifestyle, with beautiful photography. I was scrolling through my 'liked posts' on bloglovin and found a huge number of Ghostparties posts- so it is certain she is one of my favourites!

I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into some of my favourite blogs at the moment and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin !

Which blogs are you enjoying? Comment below!


Becky xx

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  1. i love essie button and ghostparties. ill definitely be chekcing the other ones out! id love it if youd comment back xx