Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Note To December

Well, Christmas is nearing the end, for another year. The mince pie and milk was left for Santa, presents arrived and now I'm sat on the sofa with a massive food belly. December always feels like the most hectic of months, assignment hand ins, moving back home for a month, family gatherings. But in this month of busy bee bodies and indulgence, take a few moments to reflect and remember everything you value in life. I'm going to be continuing Blogmas for the remainder of December, so hopefully I'll get to make a few posts with some New Years resolutions and sorting out my closet - an influx of items always makes me feel the need to clear out and donate what I no longer need. I think I'll have a few more days of mince pies and cake, but then it's back to working and saying hello to 2015.

Thanks December, you've been a blast.

Becky xx

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