Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tea Talk: Twinings Warming Chamomile & Spiced Apple

When it comes to tea, I'm usually pretty fussy. I need something that will be calming but also a pick me up, and de-caffeinated if possible. I like the idea of chamomile, but every time I have bought it, I usually drink a couple then decide that the taste just isn't quite me. 

That all changed when I tried the chamomile and spiced apple tea from Twinings. I've heard a lot about their new blends of green tea (gingerbread is one I am very excited to try) and as i was wandering down the tea aisle, this seemed just the perfect autumn tea for me.. and it is! It's sweet and spicy, the chamomile isn't overwhelming and the spice is intensified when a spoonful of honey is added.  To add to that, the blend is so smooth, I can honestly say it has beaten any other 'wintery' fruit tea I've tried before!

What is your favourite fruit/herbal tea for autumn?

Becky xx


  1. i need to force myself to likes these as the only hot drink i like is hotchoclate and there too naughty to have all day ahah. great post hun
    Jade// x

  2. This sounds yummy, will have to give it a try :) Beth xxx