Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hello, November.

I'm feeling the post Halloween blues today. October has always been one of my favourite months, the crisp chill in the air, the leaves turning red, the nights drawing in. However, October has come and gone, and I feel like this month I've grown so much. It's no secret I've been going through a difficult and transitional time in my life, but through it all I've come out a stronger, smarter person. All in all, October has been tough but worth it. So I go into November with new goals for the final months of the year, and anticipating playing all my Christmas playlists that have been patiently waiting (Hello, Mariah Carey, your two months of glory are just around the corner).

I really want to continue to focus on my skincare throughout the winter period. The last few months I've had a big switch up in products I use (all hail the cool & creamy wash from the Body Shop) and my skin has made so much progress. Though as winter begins to arrive, I really want to focus on keeping my skin hydrated and breakout free. Also biting my nails, I really, really need to stop that terrible habit.

Next up, I really need to focus on keeping a clean, fresh diet and exercising more. Throughout October I became accustomed to taking walks around the local fields and forests, but I need to schedule time for extra cardio, yoga and ensuring I eat lots of fruit (instead of cake). I always find it so easy to eat healthily and be active during the summer, but lately all I want to do is cosy up with cookies and warm milk.

Finally, I really want to keep reading more. I've spent more time reading in the last six weeks than I have in years and I'm absolutely loving it. I've just finished 'The Lives of Stella Bain' by Anita Shreve and I've got a very big pile of books I'm planning on getting stuck into as soon as possible! There is something I love about the feeling of reading alone that feels very indulgent and cosy. Hopefully I'll end up with another pile of books to steal from my family over Christmas, because my bank account can't sustain how many I'm purchasing at the moment!

What are your goals for November?

Becky xx

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  1. i think its so admirable to keep positive and set goals for the month ahead! I'd love it if youd comment back xx