Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Lazy Guide To: Organization

All my life I have been disorganised. Pieces of paper lying in the bottom of my bag, important letters misplaced, a heap of pens that do not work still in my pen pot. A lot of my friends will testify also that my room used to be a huge mess. However, this year I've tried to make a few changes and tackle the underlying problem in my life, organization. Yes, a very scary word, but as I found deadline dates floating about on crumpled post-it notes, I knew a change was needed.

The biggest thing that has helped get me organised is buying a heavy duty planner from paperchase, the kind with dividers; which makes me feel like a busy entrepreneur, but in reality is really just a place  where I can see how my week is scheduled and when I can plan some down time (because who doesn't love knowing that they can look forward to a day to relax?) and I've got to say, having things on paper is pretty essential to organisation. As much as the idea of having ten different apps in my pocket to remind me of various appointments seems ideal, sometimes incessant bleeping and the constant fear of no battery makes having a real organiser appealing. Plus, can you have adorable animal print on an app? I think not.

A huge tip I've found has helped massively in keeping me organised has been checking and planning for the month ahead before it arrives. While you can't sketch out every minute of every hour, it helps to be aware of any big events (or deadlines) coming up and plan around them. This is something I never used to do and I found myself constantly surprised (and unprepared) for events that I'd managed to completely forget! Having a quick look over your planner takes five minutes and eases so many worries!

Oh, and always have a working pen on you. You never know when someone might change the date/time of a meeting or a new event pops up that you need to amend in your planner. There is no point being dressed up and ready to go to a party that happened two weeks ago!

What are your best organization tips?

Becky xx

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