Friday, 26 September 2014

Weathering A Storm: It's Okay.

Hello, chums.

As much as I'd love to jump right back into my usual blogging schedule, I can't, and it's okay. I feel like one thing we aren't told enough growing up is that sometimes things are tough and sometimes you cannot run away from those feelings. Sometimes, you have to weather a storm and just hope things come out okay. It is difficult, but it is okay.

Therefore, here I am, faced with recovery from surgery, a healthy dose of heartbreak and stress, trying to face everything. Naturally, this means things I love doing, like writing my blog, have been neglected. A lot of bloggers have talked about the issues surrounding 'maintaining perfection' when it comes to their blogs, which I've always tried to avoid. I am not a perfect person. My hair does not co-operate before nine am. My winged eyeliner constantly is wonky. I do not try to maintain any illusion of perfection on the outside, so why are we all consistently told to put a 'brave face' on?

Sometimes your eyeliner runs. Sometimes you eat way too much chocolate and watch bad movies. Sometimes you smash your favourite mug. It is absolutely okay. You do not need to always keep it together. It is absolutely okay to be absolutely not okay.

The main message of this blog post? I'm not okay.. and that is okay. Okay?

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