Monday, 1 September 2014

Fashion Obsession: Topshop Retro Swimsuit

When I saw this swimsuit, I knew it was love. My eyes locked on it over the shop, and I'm pretty certain it looked into my soul and whispered I'm yours. 

Okay, that is insanely dramatic, but nevertheless I adore this fine swimsuit. For once it isn't a swimsuit that has odd bits cut out which create odd tan lines (go for it if you're into that, I just prefer to be a little more covered up) and it is a gorgeous mint colour which I'm just crazy for. I'm giddy for this swimsuit, and oh man it is even lovely to swim in. 

The only problem is the logistics of it, as a halter (but with removable straps to turn it into a strapless swimsuit) it isn't quite as 'in place' as one might hope. This meant while I was swimming on holiday and went to change stroke... the people in the pool got an eyeful. Which may have been great for them, but not so great for me. Either way, if you're a fan of swimsuits rather than bikinis and love that little bit of coverage over your tummy, this is insanely stylish. Just be careful about where the top of your swimsuit flies whilst you are frolicking in the pool!

What is your beach bag essential?


  1. My beach bag essential is a beach ball

  2. I love this swimming costume, it's a really nice style and colour scheme! I would definitely buy this if I ever needed one!