Sunday, 7 September 2014

Around The World!

I was tagged by the wonderful PrettyInPips to do the 'Around The World' tag she created!

There are a few rules to the tag:

  • Visit a site such as this one and highlight the countries you have visited, and include the photo in the blog post!
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag people you'd like to see do the 'Around The World' tag!

1. Where on this map are you born and do you still live there now?

I was born in England, I still live there very happily!

2. Have you ever lived in any other country?

No, but I would love to travel and live abroad.

3. Out of all the places on this map that you have selected, which is your favourite place?

Visiting Berlin was an experience I'll never forget, I'd love to explore Germany more. I also love Canada though!

4. Select one of your best memories from a place you have been (By a photo or just describing it)

My favourite memory from travelling is possibly when I visited MoMA in New York. the art was so inspiring, and to be absorbing it in the 'city that never sleeps' was amazing.

5. Where would you love to go that is not selected on your map?

I'm desperate to visit India, Argentina and parts of Scandinavia. One day I will hopefully visit them!

6. What was the best souvenir you have ever bought back from a holiday?

I'm not sure I've ever had a favourite souvenir, I take a lot of photos, so I'm probably more excited when I get those developed and can put them in photo albums.

7. Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays?

I love to explore and relax in equal amounts! 

8. Are you scared of any mode of travel?

I'm actually terrible at travelling, I get really easily travel sick unless I am flying in an aeroplane or the driver in a car! A ferry is probably my worst nightmare!

9. What would be your favourite place to visit again?

I'd love to visit America again, as I have only been for a short amount of time and I feel like there is so much to explore and absorb!

10. And finally, do you regret going to any of the places on your map?

No regrets! Even if I didn't quite fall in love with the country, it is always amazing to absorb other cultures.

I nominate all my readers to complete this tag- It's so much fun to do and definitely has reminded me of how much world there is left to visit!

Where did you visit most recently?

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  1. Yay :) So glad you did it! It's really interesting to read other people's. Great post :) xxx