Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lazy & Tired Night In

Okay, so usually I'd be writing about all the exciting things I've been up to this week. However, my life has been a whole lot of university work, illness and tiredness. I'm exhausted. So the only rational thing to do was blog about my lazy night in!

So this evening has been filed with my usual lazy routine: bath, cleanse then jump into clean pyjamas and read a good book. At the moment I'm just starting 'The Rosie Project' by Graeme Simsion, which is a light hearted book (just what I need at the moment!). I promised myself I would read more often throughout the holidays from university, so I'm hoping that starting a new book will encourage me to keep up the trend once I'm back at university!

Also, sidenote: who else finds fluffy socks irresistible? Something about the fluffiness definitely helps get me out of a bad mood and makes me feel a little better. Either way my stripy ones are doing the trick tonight.

I also decided to re-paint my nails, and ended up going for the most neon pink I owned! I almost always go for nude colours on my nails and decided a bit of a change was needed as a pick me up. I've also never really been into glitter coatings or glitter nail polishes, but I found a translucent pearl finish in silver, which made my nails look really shiny (and also made the neon less striking... I guess I'm still a neutral girl at heart!).

Does anybody else have that go-to lazy evening hairstyle? Usually I plait mine before bed to try and get some pretty waves in it, but this evening I went full on melon sized bun on my head. Let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate a giant ginger bun on top of their head?

The newest addition to my lazy night routine has definitely been my vintage style radio. I've always lusted after the super expensive Roberts radios, but I saw this affordable little one in John Lewis and absolutely fell in love with it. I've never been a huge fan of listening to the radio up until now, but I can safely say I'm a convert. To Radio 2. I admit. I also get stupidly excited whenever Dolly Parton comes on the radio.

Basically, this radio is adding a lot of sunshine into my summer!

What is your relaxing routine for a lazy night in?

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