Thursday, 14 August 2014

Elizabeth and James: Nirvana White Review

This perfume is unbelievable. Seriously. I thought it was already going to be fantastic when I read the reviews (and subsequently begged my relatives in Canada to send me a little rollerball to test out) that I would fall in love with it. I've never been the greatest fan of florals, usually because I'm afraid I will end up smelling powdery and too 'delicate' , needless to say, this scent is neither too delicate not powdery.

The balance between floral and musk is absolutely perfect and wearing this, I feel like a giant sexy bouquet. Yes, that is how I'm going to describe it, a sexy bouquet. Of peonies.

Oh my, it is so easy to fall in love with this perfume that I just know I'm going to need a giant bottle of it to last me the summer (and maybe the twin fragrance Nirvana Black, as I've heard a lot about layering the scents to become an even deeper sexy floral bouquet).

Also, can we appreciate the fact they sell the rollerball version so you don't have to decant it into those fiddly travel atomisers? Absolutely fab. If only this was more easily avaliable in the UK!

Overall, Mary Kate and Ashley have transcended into beautiful fragrance queens. All hail.

Top Notes - Peony, Muguet & Musk.

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