Thursday, 31 July 2014

Simple in the City

 I've been needing a make up shake up for a while. Does anybody feel like sometimes the normal casual make up routine gets, well, boring? I'm all about my tried and true products (like the NARS tinted moisturiser and Stila Stay All Day eyeliner) but I've definitely been experimenting more with mascara.

I usually apply Maybelline's 'The Rocket' waterproof mascara in a hurry, while half way running out of the door, but I've been layering it with Bad Gal Lash by Benefit lately. I really like that it is helping hold the curl much better and gives a fluttery effect. Gosh, someone even asked if I had fake eyelashes on, which to me, is ultimate proof that your mascara is doing the job.

 So, when I was getting ready to go to Howling Owl's (a record label) 3rd birthday party, I decided to keep my make up, hair and outfit really simple. I wore a black cami, navy/black two-tone trousers from Zara and nude flats. It seems that even though it has been possibly the sunniest summer I can recall, I'm already gearing up for autumn with all these neutrals.

Perhaps I need to inject a bit of Carrie Bradshaw fashion into my wardrobe?

It was a great night to relax and enjoy some of Bristol's laid back music culture, which I really miss when I'm studying at university. 

Face of the Day:

Primer(s) - MAC 'Prep + Prime' and Benefit 'The Porefessional' on t-zone

Foundation - NARS Tinted Moisturiser in Finland Light1

Concealer - No7 'Instant Radiance Concealer'

Mascara - Benefit 'Bad Gal Lash' and Maybelline 'The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof'.

Eye Primer - Benefit 'Stay Don't Stray'

Eyeliner - Stila 'Stay All Day' waterproof liquid eye liner.

Lipstick - Elizabeth Arden 'Geranium Shimmer 08'

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  1. Love your blog so far doll. nominating you for the Leibster award :) click this link for more info!