Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lip Crayons: Ted Baker and Rimmel.

I cracked. I couldn't resist the Rita Ora shades of the Rimmel Colour Rush lip crayons. I found quite a few of the shades to be out of my comfort zone, and despite swatching and staring in awe at how pigmented (yet still sheer) they were, I walked away with the tamest, but still very pretty, shade of Make Me Blush.

(Shades 1, 2 and 3 are all Ted Baker crayons and number 4 is the Rimmel Colour Rush crayon)

I really do have a bit of a love hate relationship with lip crayons. I first started wearing them after acquiring a couple of my sisters Ted Baker lip crayons she picked up a Christmas or two ago. Lip crayons are in principle, perfect. Hydration of a balm, pigment of a lipstick and all in a fun crayon format. In reality, I've found at least some of them disappointing. I absolutely love the shades of the Ted Baker collection (and I love Ted Baker make up in general, but that if for another post) and they certainly do hydrate your lips, but I find the lasting power of the colour to be really a let down, combined with a rather off putting scent to the crayon.  It is also worth mentioning that while these crayons are no longer available and happen to be a seasonal product, they are worth trying. They come in a range of colours much more wearable than the Rimmel Colour Rush shades, especially if you prefer berry colours rather than nudes and shocking shades.

The Colour Rush crayon I've tried has been rather a different story, however. The crayon smells like vanilla (rather than a chemically off putting scent) and has a decent lasting power of pigment. However, it should be mentioned the price range difference, if I remember correctly, the Ted Baker crayons came in a set and would be much cheaper than the Rimmel Colour Rush crayon, which was just under £6. While you certainly are paying more for the product, you do get something slightly more appealing overall, despite not being quite as buttery and hydrating as the Ted Baker crayon collection.

I'm still searching for the perfect shades and the perfect lip crayon, I'm sure it's out there and I will find it!

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